Carol Guglielmo is a New York State licensed Massage Therapist and trained Doula. The Grateful Doula’s mission is to provide support to all women who seek it.


Carol has recently moved to Burlington from East Hampton, NY and is grateful to be a part of her new community. Holistic health and wellness have always been a passion for her throughout her life. She attended Fingerlakes School of Massage at their Ithaca campus in New York and obtained her license for massage in 2006.

She further continued her education in prenatal massage and doula training to be able to nurture women throughout their pregnancies and birthing time. She attended her local birth circle once a month for many years to discuss various topics on pregnancy, childbirth and connect with the community. She has worked with the organization Families in Crisis to provide labor support for women experiencing financial hardship.

She enjoys doing kundalini yoga, meditating and being involved in the local food movement.

It is a privilege for her to hold the space for her clients.



In Home Prenatal Massage

A restorative treatment for mom and baby.  As you lie comfortably on the massage table using pillows and bolsters we will reduce muscle tension , swelling and stress. A beautiful addition to your self care practice.

*Prenatal Massage is recommended for after the first trimester.

Birth Doula

Prenatal visits, continuous physical and emotional support through out your birthing time, and a postpartum visit.

I can be your placenta protector, transporting your placenta after the birth to have it processed by the person of your choice then returning it to your home after.

As your birth doula and keeper of your birth story, I hold the space for you to have the birth experience of your choice.

Postpartum Doula 

Continued support for the 4th trimester at an additional hourly rate. Emotional support as well as laundry, cleaning, cooking and running errands as you ease into motherhood.






Carol Guglielmo

NYS Licensed Massage Therapist & Trained Doula


(631) 678-5616

@gratefuldoula on Instagram